Kyra and Sophie

We are Kyra and Sophie. We are 14 years old and have been looking after hedgehogs since we were 9. It started as a summer project, getting neighbours to put holes in their fences and boundary’s to allow hedgehogs to travel from garden to garden safety. We developed and trained in hand feeding smaller hogs, administering medications, checking poo samples using a microscope for parasites. We now work alongside vets to support hedgehogs. We have encouraged many others to become carers and even helped 4 new rescues start their journeys to really spread awareness and help 1000s more of these beautiful creatures. We have appeared on BBC Midlands today, ITV news, Country File, Spring Watch unsprung, Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs with Steve Backshall, The Pets Factor with Rory The Vet and we even appeared live on Japanese TV to an audience of over 10 million people. Further we have won many awards and are the young ambassadors for the RSPCA. We love looking after hedgehogs and take pride in the work we do to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release them. So far we have helped over 650 hedgehogs and we are still going strong.