Dawood Qureshi

Dawood Qureshi is a Freelance Journalist, Writer, Wildlife Film-maker, Marine Biology student in their third year of studies, Photographer, Podcast Host, and Activist. I have been passionate about the natural world since before I could talk, and I strive every day to conserve and raise awareness of the issues that may plague it or tip the balance it is held in so delicately. I believe strongly in the power of storytelling; it is quite possibly the strongest form of communication we have and as a writer and journalist, I have contributed to multiple sites and blogs, such as The Wildlife Trusts, The Beaver Trust, A Focus On Nature, National Student Pride, and many more, and have also written a blog on the environment since I was 14. Journalism allows for questions to be asked, much like scientists do, and thus allows us to take apart what is right and wrong and open up discussions and ideas that may never have been explored otherwise. I take great pride in the words that I put on a page, and speak and write about topics ranging from diversity and politics to butterflies and birds; I have been featured on podcasts speaking of these issues, including Into The Wild hosted by Ryan Dalton, Get Birding with Mya-Rose Craig and am a co-host of the podcast The Call of Nature. As a speaker I am aware of the great influence words can have on actions, and as such, I am an Ambassador of The Bumblebee Trust and Engagement Officer for A Focus On Nature, both roles that allow me to engage with audiences and raise awareness to multiple issues in our natural environment, in order to become a strong force for change. As a Filmmaker and Photographer, I use the power of imagery to capture the attention of those around me and bring the issues I think are important to the forefront, all whilst telling a story and exploring a narrative, and await my debut film launch later this month, I am also presenting and making a short film for the Reintroduction and Rewilding Summit for The Bumblebee Trust. This generation is the next inheritor of the planet, and as a strong believer in the power of people and the environment working together, we must protect it as one of our own, and strive to live in harmony with it.