During the lockdown of January 2021, Alfie, with the help of his family, set up the campaign BE A PLANET SUPERSTAR. The mission is to encourage people to do something planet positive, the message is that every little action counts, and the desire is to help create a collective sense of responsibility and get everyone on board the environmental train! The website is full of environmental tips to help people of all ages become Planet Superstars. Be A Planet Superstar also has its own forest with the help of @Ecologi_hq and has raised money to plant thousands of trees. Best of all anyone can visit the Our Forest page on the website and plant more trees. Most recently Alfie devised the Earth Day School Challenge whereby he challenged schools to do something planet positive as a whole class and then register as a 'Cosmic Class'. The challenge was sponsored by @Mr_Organic (of yummy pasta sauce fame) who kindly planted a tree in the Be A Planet Superstar forest for every class that took part. Alfie has given talks to encourage people to become Planet Superstars and regularly creates posts for the campaign’s social media pages @beaplanetsuperstar which are designed to inspire and inform. He also supports other environmental campaigns – most recently getting involved in @onplanetpatrol’s Big Bag Ban Campaign to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and encourage reusable ones. Alfie is a proud member of the KAPS club @kidsagainstplastic where he has earned his Bronze Award for litter picking. He can be seen in the Sky documentary, about Kids Against Plastic, made in association with Persil as part of their Dirt is Good campaign and has also taken part in a special imagination workshop with @Commonseas as part of their Ocean Plastics Academy movement. He has been a keen advocate for the environment ever since Yr 2 when he (successfully) campaigned to ban plastic water bottles at school.