Our planet urgently needs some new, young voices to get us back on the right path.

In the last few years, we have seen that the young people have taken it upon themselves to campaign for better environmental practices. Greta Thunberg rocked the world when she rose to fame, and started her ‘school strikes for Climate change’. Following in her footsteps, more and more young people are campaigning for environmental causes which they are passionate about, desperate to help restore and heal Planet Earth and its wildlife. 

our training

At EnviroEducation want to help our young people to realise their potential as EnviroLeaders, be it working on projects, campaigns, or creating awareness and speaking up for causes that they are passionate about. We are very excited to be able to introduce you to our new training package – which is aimed at both teachers and educators, as well as secondary and primary school students and young people in non-formal educational settings.

Our aim is to help young people to realise their potential as leaders, and to understand the skills they possess which can be brought to a successful team. 

Chris Packham talks about a metaphorical hill where he sees himself standing, waving a flag and shouting above the noise, to help save for the natural world. Our aim at EnviroEducation is to encourage the young people to join him on the hill, waving their flags and, through their action and projects, helping Planet Earth begin to recover and heal. 

the training

For schools and organisations our sessions come in the form of ‘inspirational’ days, mornings or afternoons for young people of all ages. We will also be training teachers and educators using a ‘train the trainer’ model to maximise our reach, including schools, forest schools, outdoor learning groups, home educators and other educational groups. We also run regular webinars that you can book onto as an individual - for more details on these see our news page

If we come out to your organisation the content focuses on:
  • Leadership, leadership styles, and personal leadership.
  • Young EnviroLeaders today and how to become a young EnviroLeader
  • EnviroLeader challenges and how to go about setting up a task or campaign. 

Prices will reflect the customer needs based on the following prices:
2 hour course - £350 (this is our standard train the young people session)
3 hour course - £450 (this is our standard train the trainer session)
Half day training - £595 + reasonable travel and subsistence costs
Full day training - £795 + reasonable travel and subsistence costs
(Please confirm price on booking)

the handbook

The training is accompanied by, and goes hand in hand with our ‘EnviroEducation handbook’;  included in the ‘Inspirational session’ package. This is a digital resource, which has all the tools that teachers or youth leaders need. It contains suggested lesson plans, slides and handouts for the core sessions and Enviro Leadership challenges. Challenges come in the form of short, medium and extended challenges, as well as some creative challenges.

Challenges are listed in two sections; animals, and the environment, so young people can pick which area excites them most.  There are also useful resources to help young people plan and self-assess their challenges. We have developed these using four key areas, which students are encouraged to deliver their projects through; collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.


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