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In light of the current focus on climate change and amid some sharp warnings, many organisations are keen to transform or improve their ‘green’ credentials on either a micro or macro scale. Our strategy at Enviro Education is to offer consultancy services through the skills and experience of board members and advisors. From helping institutions and corporations to understand their green footprints, to inspiring the development of company-wide green strategies, we have a wide range of experts on our team who can be engaged on a bespoke basis or to help with the delivery of planned programmes. 

In particular, we offer environmental subject specialists, project management skills, auditing skills, research methodology and evaluation, working with stakeholders to collect and analyse data, as well as implementation of green technologies and  
policies. We operate as a team on projects; selecting the most appropriate and skilled members of our team to work with external organisations, to deliver highly professional work allied to competitive rates. 
Of our current team, we have five former trustees of the Jane Goodall Institute who served up until January 2020 and who came together with other trusted professionals to create the organisation during the first lockdown and beyond.
All the team members are passionate about education and the environment. 
All projects are taken on an individual basis and involve opening discussions on client needs, orientation with key stakeholders and identification of gaps, before delivering on project objectives and outcomes.
We offer value for money through competitive tendering and attractive daily consultancy rates. 
Please contact us to discuss your own project needs with members of our expert team.

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