We bring a broad range of experiences together

As our organisation develops we have harnessed the skills and experience of our directors to offer consultancy services, something we will continue to develop in 2022 and beyond as part of our strategic plan.
The team has a vast amount of previous relevant research and consultancy experience, ranging from Oxford Policy Management, National Union of Students, RSPCA, Royal Parks, Government Education Reviews, DfID and national animal charity Four Paws.

Our consultancy focuses on the following areas:

Developing engaging training materials for young people that will bring young people into the work you do or a project you are developing.

Starting (or restarting) out on your journey to create an environmental strategy. We have developed a training programme that will take you through that process and provide the support materials you need.

All projects are taken on an individual basis and involve opening discussions on client needs, orientation with key stakeholders and identification of gaps, before delivering on project objectives and outcomes.
We offer value for money through competitive tendering and attractive daily consultancy rates. 
Please contact us to discuss your own project needs with members of our expert team.

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