January 21, 2021
3:55 pm

PETITION - Save RSPB Minsmere

PETITION - Save RSPB Minsmere
RSPB Minsmere

Many of our young enviro leaders such as Mya Bambrick and Indy Greene have highlighted the campaign to save RSPB Minsmere.

EDF Energy are planning to build a new nuclear power station, Sizewell C, directly on the border of RSPB Minsmere nature reserve, which is home to over 6000 different kinds of animals, plants and fungi.

This could have devastating consequences for nature. The build could destroy an area equivalent to 10 football pitches of protected wildlife site Sizewell Marshes, which is managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Legally protected animals like otters, water voles and marsh harriers could lose their homes, and toxic chemicals and up to 3 million dead fish could be pumped into the sea each year.

To sign the petition: https://e-activist.com/page/71193/petition/1?ea.tracking.id=minsmere_tw

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