January 21, 2021
3:15 pm

#LIVEKINDER - Travel Kind

#LIVEKINDER - Travel Kind
Four Paws


While travelling, make sure to enjoy wild animals in their natural habitat, rather than in captivity where possible, and only support genuine sanctuaries or conservation centres. If you are worried about an animal or institution - report it!

Make sure that any domesticated animals, like mules or horses, that are ridden, are in good physical condition, well cared for, and provided with water and shade.

Finally, do think about what you are eating or buying. Avoid buying souvenirs or products made from animals - often endangered species - and don't support cruel food practices like the dog and cat meat trade.


Remember, if you can hug, ride, touch or take a photo with a wild animal it has likely suffered from some form of cruelty to make that possible.

Avoid feeding wild animals or supporting the use of animals to solicit money from tourists -e.g. animal shows and performances, selfie opportunities, animals killed for consumption or souvenirs

Don't put yourself at risk! Big cats, elephants and other wild animal species are unpredictable and direct contact with such species are high risk

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